31 March 2019: Weekly Round-up

In this blog series, I will share the latest resources I use for my work, and in my ethical consumption activism. If you ever have issues getting hold of these materials, just drop me a line and I’ll share mine with you!


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Individuals, businesses and cities in 188 countries and territories worldwide joined Earth Hour to speak up for nature and inspire urgent action for the environment. As Earth Hour rolled around the globe, thousands of landmarks switched off their lights in solidarity for our planet.

Earth Hour 2019

On Saturday 30 March, we celebrated Earth Hour, starting at 2030 local time. It began in Sydney in 2007, as a silent protest against our heavy dependence on fossil fuels, and has since evolved into so much more. Earth Hours in past years have become about finding creative ways to spend your time without electricity, and some ideas are fantastic! Others, like reading a book by candlelight, are a bit of a no-brainer but who wouldn’t love spending time with friends and family, enjoying a (candlelit!) meal?

We’re trending!

Some more good news :) Lyst released a report earlier this month (technically I’m cheating by sharing news from earlier than this week!) which shows that searches for sustainable fashion are up 66% from last year. This gives me so much hope for our consumerism revolution, and for our care of people and planet!


Searches for “organic cotton” are up 16 percent year over year, and sustainable denim brands have seen a 187 percent increase in page views. 

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I’m loving ‘Spy Princess’ by Shrabani Basu, about the incredible true story of Noor Inayat Khan. Highly recommended!


I’ve just borrowed Haruki Murakami’s ‘After Dark’ and can’t wait to get started!


‘Tracing Colour’ from Selvedge magazine

‘How to take care of your shoes and accessories’ by Fashion Revolution


Pre-order Fashion Revolution’s latest Fanzine ‘Fashion Craft Revolution’ here, and read previous issues here. I highly recommend them, they’re a great collection of research, data, essays, and inspiring work by leading activists and businesses in the ethical fashion movement.

Business of Fashion’s Community Spotlight on Lynda Petherick on the evolving sustainability space.

Microplastics in a Nutshell from Time to Sew

I’m loving this blog post on body positivity in sewing by @fat.bobbin.girl: Who we are, not ‘dressing for our size’

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Song of the Week:

'Land of Confusion’ by Genesis. Also, check out this pretty amazing cover by Disturbed!

Podcast of the Week:

The Lonely Palette’s episode 38: ‘Wassily Kandinsky’s ‘Untitled’ (1922)’