7 April 2019: Weekly Round-up

In this blog series, I will share the latest resources I use for my work, and in my ethical consumption activism. If you ever have issues getting hold of these materials, just drop me a line and I’ll share mine with you!


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Redefining Hijabi Fashion in Japan

The story of how Indonesian Rahmalia Aufa Yazid uses her love of style and fashion to champion her Islamic pride. Check out her Instagram @aufatokyo!

“Not only did I stand out as someone with foreign heritage, my daily outfits now consisted of my mother’s old hijab and outfits that were totally different from designs and colors that were popular in Japan at the time,” she said.

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‘Fashioned from Nature’, the official book accompanying the V&A exhibition last year


‘Are plastic bag bans garbage?’ from NPR.

This article links to the Planet Money podcast, which I also highly recommend. While its focus is the US, the research quoted and its findings have interesting universal implications. This was the first time I’d heard the argument that by banning plastic bags, or imposing a fine, many people are encouraged to buy smaller, flimsier bags to use instead, since these are either cheaper or free in supermarkets - you know, the ones fruits and vegetables come in.

I’d also never heard the statistic about how many times a reusable textile bag would need to be used for it to be carbon-neutral!

2011 study by the U.K. government found a person would have to reuse a cotton tote bag 131 times before it was better for climate change than using a plastic grocery bag once. The Danish government recently did a study that took into account environmental impacts beyond simply greenhouse gas emissions, including water use, damage to ecosystems and air pollution. These factors make cloth bags even worse. They estimate you would have to use an organic cotton bag 20,000 times more than a plastic grocery bag to make using it better for the environment.

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Song of the Week:

Still obsessed with ‘Land of Confusion’ by Genesis!

Podcast of the Week:

‘The Sustainable Angle’s Nina Marenzi’, from Wardbrobe Crisis. A great interview with a pioneer in the sustainability world. Nina is working to bring sustainable agricultural awareness and practices to the fashion world, and is encouraging us all to think about the sources of the fabrics we source. Their discussion around plastic-based and by-products is especially interesting!