Hi, I'm Sanjukta!

At Syra Brownlock, I make bespoke clothing using ethically-sourced, sustainable and environmentally-friendly materials from across the world.

I design everything, I make all the patterns, and I do all the sewing. Here I am, making the first Vivienne skirt!

My work is inspired by traditional clothing and the anthropology of textiles, combining cultures for truly global pieces.

Everything is made to order, and made specifically for you. You can choose to have clothes made in your size, or to your exact measurements (just choose the tailoring option!)

What's in a name?

I'm obsessed with textiles and  clothing - and I'm also a massive dork.

Syra Brownlock is actually my hobbit name that I used this website to create when I was 12 - yes, really!

It was my pseudonym for LOTR fan fiction (don’t look, I’ve taken them all down!) and it's now the name of my business as a nod to that teenage dreamer sketching away through the night. 

Syra Brownlock: The Fashionista

My love of style began at the same time, so I taught myself to sketch. My first proper drawing turned into the Anita dress, named after my mother - who among a billion other things, also taught me to sew. I began with embellishing plain tops and t-shirts, graffiti-ing jeans and making alterations.

Life got in the way and it became one of my creative hobbies. 

Syra Brownlock: The Activist

The insane financial cost of fashion brought me back to tailoring, and I started to properly learn techniques. I saved for my first machine (Ophelia, pictured here) and that's when the seeds of Syra Brownlock started germinating. 

I read something by Roald Dahl when I was 10, on why he started writing stories, and it’s stuck with me ever since. He essentially wasn’t reading stories he liked, and no one was writing what he wanted to read. So he wrote those stories himself.

That’s why I started designing - no one is making the beautiful, well-made, ethically-sourced pieces that make you appreciate your body and physical appearance, in an affordable and accessible way.

So why not me?

I want to showcase work that champions our diverse cultures, so I source textiles and materials straight from producers.

I want to share stories of where they came from and the people who made them. I love history and anthropology too - ikat for example is used everywhere from Japan to Mexico! We are more connected as a species than we think, and fashion can be a great way to share our cultures. I did warn you I'm a dork...

So I took the plunge and invested in my dreams. I made a few dresses for myself and for friends, and as they received rave reviews I thought, wow. This is something I have to do now. And ta-da, here we are!