Behind the Label

I've been obsessed with clothing since childhood, and discovered the world of slow and ethical fashion as I became a teenage activist.

As an Indian I know exactly what 'the true cost' of fast fashion looks like - women and children (predominantly) in the developing world forced by circumstance to take poor-paying work in unsafe conditions. 

But the ethical consumerism and slow fashion movements are so powerful, and I'm thrilled to be a part of that!

I design everything at Syra Brownlock, I make all the patterns, and I do all the sewing.

It's also a collaborative process with you - your style, personality and vision go into each piece. Tailoring should be a partnership and that's why I love it. 

My aim is to support a community of caring, passionate activists who join the slow fashion movement from a place of love for planet and people rather than fear of our harmful impact. 


So you know exactly who made your clothes - I did! 

But it isn't just about having a giant ethical wardrobe - too much clothing can be as harmful to the environment as fast fashion is to people. It's about having a closet full of loved, high-quality, and useful clothes.

I'm here to: 

* Repair your beloved clothes, refashioning a piece to suit your style and reducing your carbon footprint ('Repairs and Alterations');

* Curate your look to have more of the clothes you love and that look great on you ('Replicate');

* Make new clothing in your size, according to my designs and patterns ('Ready-to-wear');

* Design customised clothing to your exact measurements, in your style ('Reserved')

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