Fashion Vs. Style: What's the difference?


They're often confused and there's a chance I'll talk about fashion when what I really mean is style. Fashion is the industry after all, but style is the 'everything else'. 

They are related, but one is so much more complex, interesting and personal. Tan France from 'Queer Eye' explained it so well: 

“Style is not fashion. Fashion is not trendy after a season. Honestly, I couldn’t give a shit about fashion. Style is dressing the way that you feel confident and what is appropriate for you, your age, your body type.”

Fashion is seasonal, cyclical, and trendy. Someone you don't know, in an office (galaxy) far, far away, has decided what the 'best' look for the next few months is. Some companies rotate trends much more frequently (I'm looking at you, Zara, with your two-week turnover). So what's on trend may not suit you. You may not like it. Crop tops and maxi skirts are fashionable now, but would make me look like a barrel and within ten minutes on the grimy streets of Barcelona, my beloved skirt would be radioactive.

Trends will most certainly not be fashionable once the next cycle begins, and sticking to them can be dangerously expensive, wasteful and psychologically damaging. Think about it - why allow someone else tell you what you should spend your money on and how you should look? As much as I hate the socks and sandals look, if that's what makes you feel great then by golly, you go for it. 


Style is so much more interesting. It's often confused with 'stylish' and linked with fashion that way - but everyone has style. It's the vibe you give off when you wear clothes, when you walk in them, when you talk to people in something you love, when you're out to dinner in a fantastic shirt and you feel good about it. Style exists independent of your age, gender, body type, or confidence - it's as much a part of you as your laugh. 

Developing the right style, cultivating it and finding brands that bring out that side of your personality is so much fun. And the more you do this, the more comfortable you'll get in your own style and the less you'll care about fashion. 

My style is colourful and feminine - both in the workplace and outside. Sure, I'll wear a grey or black dress sometimes but my style comes through in my accessories, my lipstick, or my shoes. Once I discovered what made me feel great and what reflected my personality, it was impossible for me to feel the same way in any other type of clothing. But I also wear my Birkenstocks to work then change into heels. I don't care what Anna Wintour says, Birkenstocks are comfortable, which makes me walk better and more confidently, and there's no shadow of the grimace that walking 2km in heels would give me. That's obviously style, not fashion. Weird, but style nonetheless. 

That's what Syra Brownlock does for you. Find a design you love, a style that speaks to you and let me know how we can make it truly yours. If you don't see something that's totally right for you but parts of it are there - you like the sleeves in Taslima but the gathered bust in Carla - then that's your style.

Send me a message, I'll create a design for you and that can be the basis of your wardrobe.

I want to help you in any way I can to harness who you are, what you want to share with the world, and to display that in a way that makes you feel fantastic.

Always style, never fashion.