Make Smthng Challenge: Week 1

Like many of you (I hope!) I’m super easy to sucker into a catchy challenge. And equally quick to leave it after I either get bored, or don’t make the time, or whatever - insert excuse of choice.

But it’s been a while since a challenge fired me up as much as this one, and I really hope it sticks.

The Make Smthng Challenge!

Four weeks of creativity, with challenges posted on Tuesdays and Fridays, to “tackle overconsumption and making change by modifying small things in our daily lives.”

And - drumroll please - week 1’s challenge iiiiiiiiiiis…


As it turns out I’ve already completed many of these steps so that’s good!

Step 1: Clear out your wardrobe.

Once you’ve done this, make three piles of clothes:

  1. Love them, but never wear them.

  2. Need to repair them.

  3. Will never wear them again.

I already did this earlier this year and sadly didn’t take photos of my massive wardrobe clearout (but there was a suitcase’s worth!)

Step 2: Find new combinations for the clothes you still love.

This really stimulates your creative thinking, by looking at your clothes in a new way. In forcing yourself to look at new combinations - like a pair of grey jeans with a black t shirt instead of that one shirt you always reach for - you’re also showing off the versatility of your wardrobe.

Along with that, you can give yourself a new set of looks and styles. And who knows, one of them might inspire a new stylistic addition (that grey jeans story was not random!)

You’ll appreciate your clothes more too. You may see that one pair of grey jeans is plenty, and you may be able to trim down your wardrobe.


Step 3: Repair your broken clothes.

This one was pretty easy for me, since I keep adding to my ‘Fix It’ bin. The problem is in setting aside time to do it rather than just categorising, filing and forgetting.

Coincidentally, I’ve just recently started going through this to fix oversized tops, kameezes and shirts.

I began my journey into tailoring by altering clothes to fit me perfectly, adding darts and redoing seams as needed. Growing up as a curvy teenager in Central Europe, in an environment that doesn’t cater at all to your body shape, means buying clothes that are far too big and finding creative ways to wear them if you don’t want to look misshapen.

It’s been really wonderful to go back to this over the past few days!

(As an aside, please get in touch for any alterations or repairs you need done! I know just how it feels to not fit a dress you love, or how sad it is to see a tear in your favourite shirt. So you set it aside thinking you’ll find a good tailor someday. Well, ta daaaah)

Step 4: Give away what you don’t wear anymore.

Find your local clothes swap!

My friend Luize runs a great series of swaps in Barcelona, three times a year. Follow her here, and join us at the next one in December!

Clothes swaps are a great way to exchange your unworn/unloved pieces that are still wearable and of excellent quality, with those who can give them the love and care they deserve. You meet some incredible people, as I’ve done during Un Armario Verde’s swaps. And who knows, you could walk away with that perfect outfit you’ve been looking for!

Luize also writes about Kon Mari and how to think about what your wardrobe can and is bringing to your life. Check out her blog here for tips on sorting through your wardrobe for this week’s challenge!