The Bodycon Dress and Body Positivity

No, this will not be a post about body positivity alone because honestly, by this point I have just so very many thoughts I could write a book on the damn thing.

I got caught in a YouTube spiral today, and came across this video. Watch it before reading further:

I was really struck by this. I always like watching women shop, especially when they’re in a group and everyone is a different size, height and has different tastes. So much comes out in their conversations and their thoughts about about the sexism of the fashion industry, and this video is further proof.

But I was also so proud that all these women commented on the issues with body image, with the fashion industry, and with the size-ist attitudes society has. It made me sad many of them felt the need to cover their bodies, though who are we kidding, you should see how I stand when I’m in a tight dress.

We all do it.

The point being this dress itself brought out a lot of interesting thoughts on the way we choose to present ourselves, and what we want our clothes to say about us. That was so empowering and wonderful to read.

I was ecstatic that none of them was fidgeting with her dress, or shifting around uncomfortably. Or maybe they were and that was just edited out.

The tailor in me was also really annoyed to hear how many of these women are just used to the poor quality of the clothing they wear.

Why should we need to get used to seams wearing down, fabric stretching til it looks transparent, of a dress not fitting right? And why on earth would you spend your hard-earned money on that?

It also gave me a lot of fuel for my work so that’s why I’m sharing it with you.

This is the reason all of my clothes are made to each client’s exact measurements. You’ll be able to wear everything I make for you for many years. And because it fits you just right, I hope you can feel beautiful and confident in them.

While we’re at it, women of Europe: please please please get in touch if there are any outfits that don’t fit you perfectly which are just wasting time and taking up space in your closet. Do not let yourself live with ripped seams and weak fabric! I will fit it just right for you so all your clothes can be just the way you need them to be.