Clothing Care

Please follow these instructions and tips to make sure your clothes live forever and remain in the amazing condition you love. Sustainability continues after buying ethical clothes, so part of my job is to make sure you’re always happy! You can also use these tips for all the other clothes in your wardrobe, of course!

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Don’t forget that all Syra Brownlock purchases come with a lifetime guarantee! These are tips for how to store, iron, wash, and care for your clothes, but if they need repairs you can just send it to me :)

All purchases come with a hand-written card, with details on how to care for your piece as well. This is a collection of all the advice I give.

Unless otherwise stated, please wash all clothes on a cold wash (30°C) and turn your clothes inside out.

Separate your colours.

Use a gentle, non-bleach based washing powder.


Air Dry!

I wish this didn’t need to be said, but sadly it does. Never ever dry your clothes in a dryer.

Not only is it just horrendous for the environment, it significantly reduces the life-span of your clothing.

Slub Fabrics

Some of the fabrics I use have slubs - that is, slight imperfections during the handweaving process that produce small lumps in the weave. I love these imperfections, and imagining the stories of how the fabrics were woven. This does mean however that they need to be cared for in a slightly different way.

Do not iron slub fabrics.

Wash carefully, and ensure that nothing else in the machine has hooks, snaps or anything else that could snag on the slubs and distort the fabrics.

Natural Dyes

A lot of the fabrics I source use natural dyes, and while they are carefully dyed to ensure minimal bleeding, sometimes this can occur.

Be very careful to separate the colours of your wash load. Never add bleach to your laundry! If possible, naturally-dyed fabrics should be hand washed. If you don’t have time/can’t be bothered, I recommend the delicates cycle on your machine, and ideally wash just the natural fabrics. It’s not particularly environmentally-friendly, but will ensure your piece remains intact. You could also of course add this to your delicates wash.


For any embroidered pieces, like trims or hand embroidery, please be extra careful in washing. Turn it inside out for washing, and don’t iron directly on the embroidered areas. Also take care not to steam press the item near the embroidered area.