Alice: Custom dress

Alice: Custom dress


An example of the kind of customised service I can provide, based on your designs or ideas!

The dress was designed by Alice, to wear at a family wedding. It was important to have a breathable dress good for dancing, but elegant to wear to a wedding and spend the day in. Fit and fabric were crucial for this, and the design came after we picked the fabric - rare, but it does happen!

The entire process took a few weeks, including the designing, measuring, fabric shopping and then making the dress.



Alice wanted a tailored dress in breathable fabric, with enough movement to enjoy a nice summer evening, but also long enough to cover in case of rain. Yes, sometimes my briefs are as simple as that! We did a few sketches together based on her preliminary drawings.

The dress features an invisible side zip, fitted top, cap sleeves and a knee-length skirt with knife pleats.



We went fabric shopping together in Barcelona, and found this beautiful double gauze Japanese cotton, which provided the perfect drape and pattern - plus look at those colours!

I have many (possibly too many) pieces of fabric at home so if you don't live in Barcelona, you can simply choose one of the fabrics in my collection. Or get in touch and we can go online shopping, I have plenty of resources!



I created custom bodice, sleeve and skirt patterns for her. Since we wanted a specific fit, and we hadn’t finalised the design of the neckline or whether or not to have a zip, I also made two wearable toiles to test out which would work better. Measurements are easy to do online as well since all you need is a measuring tape - and if you don’t have one, it’s easy to just use some string and a ruler!


Creating, Fitting and Adjusting (optional)

This part is quick, and if you would like to we can have a few fittings of your outfit before it's finalised. This is especially handy if you'd like to add something to your outfit once I've started, or think you may like to change something in your original design. This adds a delay to the process but if the end goal is your complete happiness with the outfit, it's worth it!


This is the sort of service I can provide you! For your own custom dress, just send me a message using the contact page above, and we’ll talk about your ideas.

Prices start at €150 excluding the cost of fabric that’s not already in my stash.

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