Alla: Custom dress

Alla: Custom dress


This is an example of the kind of customised service I provide - using my friend Alla as a model!

The dress was designed by her, taking her personal style as inspiration. I constructed the entire thing , including customised sets of patterns based on her measurements, sourcing the right fabric and ensuring the fit and style through two fittings. This is one of my favourite ways of working so get in touch if you have a similar design or dream outfit in your head!

The entire process took a few weeks, including the designing, measuring, fabric shopping and then making the dress.



She came to me with a design idea for a simple, formal, V-necked dress with a few small pleats on one side. It would need to be fitted and straight, with a zipped back. We spent a few days designing it and thinking about different style elements to add.



We went fabric shopping together in Budapest, and found this beautiful organic sky blue cotton, handmade in Hungary by a friend of the shop owner.

I have many (possibly too many) pieces of fabric at home so if you don't live in Barcelona, you can simply choose one of the fabrics in my collection. Or get in touch and we can go online shopping!



Easily done, and I created custom bodice, sleeve and skirt patterns for her. I can do this for you as well, or use a pattern from an existing piece of clothing you love and that fits you well.


Creating, Fitting and Adjusting (optional)

This part is quick, and if you would like to we can have a few fittings of your outfit before it's finalised. This is especially handy if you'd like to add something to your outfit once I've started, or think you may like to change something in your original design. This adds a delay to the process but if the end goal is your complete happiness with the outfit, it's worth it!

My friend wasn't sure she wanted a zipper for example, so we tried it without one first before deciding a back zipper would be best.

And that's it! From start to finish this took me three weeks, and that's with a full-time job for which we both travel frequently!

So let me know if you have some ideas for your perfect outfit, I'd love to discuss it with you and plan your next creation!

Prices start at €150 plus the cost of fabrics. This is 100% customisable so send me a message with your ideas, and I'll create a special listing for you with your details, fabric choices and your price.

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