Taslima is a great option for workwear, with its conservative and comfortable silhouette. It’s made using African wax print, and the bright colours work beautifully with the elegant drape. The fit is fitted but relaxed, with a high empire waist and a gently-shaped skirt that takes you through the day.

Taslima has:

  • short sleeves

  • optional pockets

  • an invisible back zip


Taslima is available in any of my African fabrics. Check out the galleries below, and send me the name of the fabric you like during checkout.

Each fabric is exclusive to you and your piece, as well as being bespoke to your measurements - so every piece of clothing is completely unique.  

Click each image to read their individual stories - where they’re from, their sustainability stories, and the ethics behind their production.

Styling Tip

Taslima looks great with a simple cardigan or blazer - in black or in a complementing colour. I wear mine with black flats and a simple black blazer. Adding long statement necklaces ups the ante too!

How to Order

  1. Choose between a piece made to your general size or in your exact measurements. Check out our inclusive and body-positive size charts here.

  2. Choose your fabric. 

If you can’t decide or need some help, just let me know. If you have a favourite colour, this can help me narrow down a selection for your piece. 

Please allow up to two weeks to complete your Taslima dress, plus delivery. I’ll keep you updated throughout the process, of course. 

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Who made it? Who designed it?

Everything at Syra Brownlock is made and designed by me - from the sketches to the pattern to the outfit in your hands.

Everything is made to order to ensure minimal waste, and is made according to your style and size.

I use only ethically-sourced fabrics, and even materials like buttons and zips. Everything is sustainable, fairly traded, handmade, spun or dyed, or environmentally-friendly. Along with your creation you'll also receive a card with details of everything that's gone into it, so you know your purchase supports your values.

About Taslima

Taslima Akhter is an award-winning Bangladeshi photographer and activist. Her iconic photo of a couple embracing in the rubble of the Rana Plaza disaster was one of the catalysts for the Fashion Revolution, and her style of photography and feminist activism inspires me. Check out more of her work here.