A structured dress great for work. Taslima features a high waist, fitted bodice, a straight knee-length skirt and optional pockets!

This is available in all my African wax prints - check them out in the gallery below, and make your selection during checkout.

How to Order 

1. Choose between a piece made to your size (check the size charts here), or in your exact measurements. 

If you’d like a fully tailored experience, please add the option below to your order. I’ll email you separately to get your measurements and answer any questions you may have!

2. You can make your fabric selection during checkout. Click the middle image to read more about each piece - where it’s from and how it was made.  

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Who made it? Who designed it?

Everything at Syra Brownlock is made and designed by me - from the sketches to the pattern to the outfit in your hands.

Everything is made to order to ensure minimal waste, and is made according to your style and size.

I use only ethically-sourced fabrics, and even materials like buttons and zips. Everything is sustainable, fairly traded, handmade, spun or dyed, or environmentally-friendly. Along with your creation you'll also receive a card with details of everything that's gone into it, so you know your purchase supports your values.

About Taslima

Taslima Akhter is an award-winning Bangladeshi photographer and activist. Her iconic photo of a couple embracing in the rubble of the Rana Plaza disaster was one of the catalysts for the Fashion Revolution, and her style of photography and feminist activism inspires me. Check out more of her work here.