Red Polka Dots


This lovely cotton is from the Kokka atelier in Japan. Kokka is committed to championing innovative and creative design and often calls upon students and artists to collaborate with them. Their aesthetic reflects that, and there’s a huge range of patterns and designs to choose from. I’m constantly inspired by their collections.

But their green credentials are less easily found. Despite investigation and reaching out to the brand, I wasn’t satisfied with what I heard. The origins of where this fabric was made, the wages paid to those who worked on it, and the carbon footprint, were all missing. The only potential silver lining is that since this is cotton, untreated by synthetics, the fabric is biodegradable and contributes to a circular economy.

I have 3m of this lovely, light-to-medium weight cotton. It’d make a great dress, or a blouse paired with a darker coloured bottom!