Salmon Flowers


Yes, I definitely give these fabrics weird names. But it helps me remember them! 

This was another find at a recent deadstock fabric sale, and I have about 1.5m of it. That's enough for one of the skirts, or a mini-dress.

The seller didn't speak much English, so what I understood from my limited Spanish was that this was bought while on holiday in Senegal, from a market in a small town.

The fabric itself is a mixture of polyester and cotton, so it's not biodegradable or totally natural. The polyester adds a structure to it so I imagine it as a fitted skirt. The dyes are synthetic as well, and I couldn't get any more information about its origin than that. 

However, it is deadstock, and it would have been wasted if I hadn't squirrelled it away. So there's that! The base colour is a muted salmon/blush and the print gives it a nice contrast.