White and Green Khadi Floral


This is one of my favourite khadi cottons, featuring a beautiful floral print that’s been hand blocked onto the fabric using natural dyes. The cotton fabric itself is 100% organic, like all the khadi cottons I source. You can tell that by the imperfections in the weave, where the cotton slub is visible in both the warp and weft. A slub is an imperfection that comes from hand-looming, where there are small lumps in the weave. I love it, even though it’s a sign of supposedly inferior quality - it shows me that there is a person behind the clothes I wear, and the fabrics I buy.

I have 3m of this fabric, which is enough for all my tops, skirts and dresses.

Khadi is a special industry in India, protecting handmade, artisan-produced goods from across the country. Your purchase of any of my designs in this cotton directly benefits rural artisans in India support themselves, run their own looming business, and trade with textile wholesalers directly.