Women's Business


Another find from a remnant sale, so I only have enough material in this for a top. It’s made of cotton, though I wasn’t able to get verification of its organic status so let’s take that as a no. But I did save it from a remnant sale so it gets some green points there!

It was designed in Australia, inspired by traditional indigenous art. The design was created by E. Young, famous for bringing traditional indigenous art to textile. It features a campfire and people sitting around it.

The design, as with E. Young’s work, is inspired by Australia’s Northern Territory.

I really love the vibrant yellows and oranges, and the polka dot effect of the traditional aboriginal paintings. So detailed! The mix of different warm colours gives a gorgeous effect from afar, since they all mingle into one beautiful multicoloured piece. As you get closer, the lines between each shade becomes clearer, and the design stands out.

In Aboriginal culture, certain customs and practices are performed separately in a language group between men and women. These separate businesses are often referred to as men’s business and women’s business. These businesses are carried out under strict guidance of unwritten Aboriginal laws. E. Young us a well-known artist from Northern Territory. She uses bright and vibrant colours for her artworks. Her work depicts land, flora and fauna with a flavour of traditional Aboriginal culture. With her expertise, Young used her strong colour sense in Women’s Business artwork. In the natural environment woman are sitting around the waterholes with coolamon and digging sticks. Wildflowers are visible with bright colours around in the area.