Yalke Green


I bought this during a remnant sale, so I only have enough material in this for a top. It’s designed by June Smith, and inspired by the salt lakes in Australia’s Northern Territory.

I really love the gentle blues and greens, and the almost hypnotic print of the pattern.

This piece was designed in Australia, and is a great example of traditional indigenous art. The drape is gentle and it’s a great lightweight fabric, great for summer.

It’s made of cotton, though I wasn’t able to get verification of its organic status so let’s take that as a no. But I did save it from a remnant sale so it gets some green points there!

Spectacular views of various creatures such as birds and frogs, and different vegetation can be viewed in the Yalke or wetlands of Australia, both in dry or wet seasons. In the dry season, vast water mass goes back to permanent wetlands, waterholes etc. and become home for waterfowls and many other migratory birds of Australia. In the wet, birds like magpies and geese congregate on the wetland or Yalke. June, with a vibtant color sense, has brilliantly depicted this design with Aboriginal symbols and signs out of her dreamtime story.