Donate - Offset Your Carbon Footprint

+ Who are you? Are you Syra?

Hi, I'm Sanjukta! Syra is my brand name, not mine - read more about it here!

+ How does it work?

I offer four services.

Repairs and Alterations:
Bring me your torn, your ill-fitting, your loved-but-never-worn. I'll fix them.
Add one of the 'get in touch' listings to your cart, send me a message at check-out and I'll take it from there!

More of what you love! Ever buy a shirt and wish you had it in more colours, with longer sleeves, fewer buttons, or anything else? That's what I'm here for.
Tell me what you want - what you really really want - by emailing me here. Post it to me in Barcelona, pick a colour or one of my fabrics, and I'll replicate it exactly and send it back.

Ready to wear:
Like what you see? Choose from one of my designs, then choose a fabric.
If you want a different material, just let me know.
At check-out, add the fabric's number (or say 'custom fabric' if you'd like to choose it together) and that's it!

Have a design you've been dreaming about? Send me a message here, and tell me all about it!
I'll design it, create patterns tailored to your measurements, choose the perfect fabric and materials, and make your dream outfit. This is the totally tailored, VIP package.

+ Where do you ship?

You also have the option to offset the carbon footprint of the postage by donating using the button on top. All these donations go towards environmental conservation projects depending on the size of your footprint, so that your purchase is totally carbon neutral!

+ Who designs the clothes?

Me! I'm inspired by everything from buildings to leaves, and borrow ideas from different cultures around the world. I blog about all of these so you can read all about it!

+ Who makes the clothes?

Ditto! Based on my design, I also create patterns customised to your exact measurements.

+ Can I design something for you to make?

Absolutely, it's my favourite kind of project! Email me here, tell me all about it!

+ I don't know what I want yet but I like what you do.

D'aw shucks, that's so kind! Stay in touch via Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram. Or send me an email - who knows, one of my upcoming designs could end up in your wardrobe!

+ One of my shirts doesn't fit right.

Ugh I hate when that happens. Get in touch here - I'll fix it for you.

+ I bought a great dress and I want more.

Fantastic! Click here - and send it to me, I'll make you copies!