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All my work is totally transparent, and promotes ethical values. You can read all about my vendors, creative process, values and production in the blog. Each customer also receives a hand-written card with details of where each piece of their clothing comes from and how their purchase supports ethical values.


Ethical and/or Sustainable Fabrics

I source each piece of fabric individually, to ensure the high quality and ethical values of each item of clothing. Relationships with suppliers have been steadily built over a decade, and I am proud to support my vendors uphold their environmental, social, and cultural values.

You can read more about my fabrics, and their credentials, in the blog here.


Notions and Materials

All my materials - zips, buttons, fastenings, even thread - comes from eco-friendly and/or ethical suppliers.

You can read more about my materials and notions here.


Zero-waste Sewing and Design

Since I design each piece and make it all myself, Syra Brownlock has full creative and production control.

I carefully draft patterns and cut fabric to ensure minimal waste. Syra Brownlock champions circular economy values in this way.

Read this blog series for more information and a behind-the-scenes look at my production.


Made-to-Order and Bespoke

Each item of clothing is made to your measurements, and made to order.

Choose your design, pick a fabric from a curated collection that matches that design, and I will make it for you.

I want to recreate the special experience of tailoring I grew up with in the developing world - pick something from a sketchbook, make your own fabric choice, and have your measurements taken.

It’s slow, deliberate, high-quality, and deeply personal.

I’m your designer and tailor.

This personal relationship is the heart of Syra Brownlock.