A vintage-style yellow skirt, with four layers and a wide waistband which sits on the natural waist. This skirt was inspired by Belle from ‘Beauty and the Beast’, and originally worn to the premiere of the live-action movie! It’s a gentle cosplay so you can either Disney up or down!

The layers are stitched to the wide waistband that simply pulls on, so it’s fantastic for twirling around in! 

This is made in organic yellow linen, dyed using natural extracts here in the EU.

Belle is:

  • Made from yellow organic linen

  • A four-layered circle skirt

  • knee-length

Styling Tip

Pair Belle with a monochrome top for a great contrast, tucked into the waistband. It looks great with tights and boots, giving our Disney heroine a punk rock 21st century makeover!

How to Order

Choose between a piece made to your general size or in your exact measurements. Check out our inclusive and body-positive size charts here.

Please allow up to two weeks to complete your Belle skirt, plus delivery. I’ll keep you updated throughout the process, of course. 

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Who made it? Who designed it?

Everything at Syra Brownlock is made and designed by me - from the sketches to the pattern to the outfit in your hands.

Everything is made to order to ensure minimal waste, and is made according to your style and size.

I use only ethically-sourced fabrics, and even materials like buttons and zips. Everything is sustainable, fairly traded, handmade, spun or dyed, or environmentally-friendly. Along with your creation you'll also receive a card with details of everything that's gone into it, so you know your purchase supports your values.

About Belle

I designed this skirt for the premiere of the live-action remake of ‘Beauty and the Beast’, and I wore it with a black t shirt and roses in my hair for a light cosplay.

It’s named Belle after the best Disney princess there ever was or ever will be!