Sato is a kimono-style robe, made in any of the scarf fabrics in my stash! The design is inspired by the traditional kimonos of Japan, and the trend for layering.

Featuring a sash at the waist and two patch pockets on the front, Sato is a great combination of style and comfort - and convenience!

One size fits all. Sato is available in any of my scarf fabrics - long strips of cotton or silk made from upcycled scarves. Check out the overview page here and make your selection, adding the name to your order at checkout.

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Who made it? Who designed it?

Everything at Syra Brownlock is made and designed by me - from the sketches to the pattern, to the outfit in your hands.

Everything is made to order to ensure minimal waste, and is made according to your style and size.

I use only ethically-sourced fabrics, and even materials like buttons and zips. Everything is sustainable, fairly traded, handmade, spun or dyed, or environmentally-friendly. Along with your creation you'll also receive a card with details of everything that's gone into it, so you know your purchase supports your values.

About Sato

Usaburo Sato runs Usaato in Japan, an ethical brand committed to sourcing natural textiles, dyeing them using natural materials and even spinning their threads locally. Clothes are made by women in rural Thailand who also weave and dye the cloth by hand. They’re responsible for their own work schedules, providing a great path to self determination. I’m working on potentially sourcing fabric from them, so watch this space!