November 24: Basic Hand Sewing Skills

November 24: Basic Hand Sewing Skills


The first of a series of workshops on hand sewing skills. Workshops build on one another, but don’t worry if you skip one - I’ll host them as often as you need them!

We cover the basic hand sewing stitches and techniques, and work on a project during the class. We’ll start with embroidery materials, moving into finer hand sewing as you get comfortable. So you’re actually learning two sets of skills!

Feel free to bring projects you’re working on! If you’d like to learn something specific, please let me know in the form. Sometimes it makes more sense for us to do a one-on-one class, so this helps me make sure workshops are right for you and your needs.

Tickets are €35 per class, and the price includes snacks and tea/coffee :)

These workshops are for anyone looking to improve their sewing, or even for complete beginners! No gender restrictions either so please share far and wide!